About the Books

These writings are a “love letter” from God to the Creator’s  beloved daughters and sons. Love includes everything that we are. These messages are for all people on Earth and for all timesA Welcome from Sebastián.

Understanding that we are in essence only love, takes us beyond our ideologies, cultures, educations, personalities, and beliefs – towards what cannot be expressed in words because love is beyond all limits and definitions. But to reach us effectively, the Creator’s angels express their universal love for all people of the Earth by using concrete symbols, in this case words, in my presence.

Each one of us comes out of a particular cultural context. I was born and live in Argentina. As a lay person I am dedicated to my Catholic faith. Therefore the flavour of the angelic messages reflect my faith orientation but it was made very clear to me that love is universal and that these revelations are addressed to everyone and everything. Love is always inclusive.

As Jesus says in book 5 of the Choose Only Love series, “it is important that you remember that names, like words, have no meaning of their own in relation to the realm of divine truth. Do not forget that love has no words. However in the plane of perception, names, like words, can mean a lot. Names such as Jesus, Mary, Holy Spirit and God are used that have been endowed with many meanings over the centuries. We cannot escape the laws of perception while living in the world. Nor is there any reason to do so. The love of God does not overlook anything in your world, but rather joins with it, and from that union, transforms it, together with you, so that the truth which is beyond every word shines freely.”

I hope with all my heart that you feel included in the embrace of God’s love through these messages from Heaven. They serve as a point of departure, or a springboard, from which you are tenderly encouraged each day, increasingly to express with your voice the divine love that lives in you; to make known the love that only each one can uniquely personally manifest.

If you are able to receive these messages with an open heart rather than the thinking mind, you will go beyond the symbols towards the love that they evoke. And you will begin to remember your first love, that is, to God.

Throughout the series of the seven books I humbly attempt to describe the indescribable. And only say what I see, hear and experience. Heaven exists, God exists, and God is love. This is what was given to me to see, hear and understand.

How it Originated

On October 3, 2018, a presence that was all love and whose magnificence, beauty, and benevolence cannot be described, came to me suddenly in a way I had never before experienced. I understood with perfect clarity that it was the glorious Archangel Raphael. He introduced himself saying, “I am the medicine of God.” He told me to pray a particular prayer for nine days.

On October 13, the day after finishing this novena of prayer, I began to receive glorious visits from a choir of countless angels accompanied by Archangel Raphael and Archangel Gabriel. Their love and beauty were indescribable. Through the choir came the Voice of Christ, expressed in an ineffable form. On each occasion the voice also became images, shown in symbols visible to the spirit. The meaning of these images I put into written words, then recorded with my voice.

Each visitation came to me in the same way. The sequence is as follows: First I receive the images and hear the music that the choir presents, then the chorus departs but Archangels Raphael and Gabriel remain as custodians, or loving presences, until the message or session in question is transcribed.

The glorious Archangel Raphael is the one who guides me in the transcription, assuring that the message is properly received and that what was shown can be passed from image to word. Archangel Gabriel is the loving custodian of everything that concerns the work; not only in reference to the manifestation itself and to the writings, but to everything that arises and will arise from them.

The messages, or sessions, are shown to me as a picture of great beauty in which each form is in itself a voice, a “sound-image.” What I hear is like the rhythmical twanging of a harp that becomes translated into words. This tune is a vibration of celestial music whose frequency is unlike the sounds of the world. It is a kind of  “vibrational- frequency” that the soul knows perfectly well and that I recognize with certainty as the voice of the Lamb of God. Once everything is transcribed in written and spoken words, then the chorus arrives in all its glory once again, as if they were coming to

seek the most holy Archangels Raphael and Gabriel. Then all together they leave, singing a hosanna to the Christ of God.

That hosanna sung by the choir of angels is a majestic song of praise and gratitude to the Creator for the infinite mystery of love that is the Second Coming of Christ. It is a prelude to His coming. If humankind were able to understand in all its magnitude the ineffable mystery of love that is the Second Coming of Christ, we would eternally sing the greatness of God in union with all the angels.

In cases where Mother Mary herself or Jesus Christ are present in their human and divine person and communicate directly, the choir of angels is muted with love, in a silence that is sacred.  The angels bow their heads, cast their eyes downward, and are caught up in an ecstasy of love, veneration, and contemplation. Nothing and no one dares, nor could, interrupt the holy silence in which the universe is submerged before the sovereign presence of Mary and Jesus when they speak directly to our souls. This is because that space of dialogue between Christ and the soul is inviolable.

During the visitations, my whole being is bathed in great peace and joy. It’s like being embraced by universal love. But after the concentration of putting the message into words, my body shows great fatigue. The part of the manifestation that includes the chorus of angels, the voice, and the images is something that can happen at any time, place, or circumstance. However, the transcription of the symbols received in written words and then spoken can be delayed until I can make myself available to do so. It may be immediately afterward or several days later.

The main message of this work could be summarized as follows: The time for a new humanity has arrived, a humanity that is ready to manifest the living Christ in each of us. We are, each of us, Christ. This is the truth about us, even if we perceive ourselves differently. We are already prepared to be able to live life in the certainty that says: I no longer live but it is Christ who lives in me. Helping us to realize this truth in our lives, here and now, is what this manifestation is about. All of Heaven will help us in this holy purpose since it is the Second Advent itself.

A Description of the Angelic Visits

When the Archangels come, they come without wings. They are like human persons wearing tunics. Raphael’s tunic is green edged with gold. Gabriel´s tunic is pink, almost white, edged with yellow- as if made of a very precious silk.

Their faces are cheerful, radiant, with very light yellowish skin. Both have shoulder-length, golden blond hair. Their eyes are green. They each have unique facial features. Their bodies are radiant with light with a serene glow that generates peace and a great sense of beauty and harmony.

Many of the angels in the Chorus of Angels have light pink and light blue tunics. Some others have light gold, all in pastel colours, again with a serene luminosity. A few have green robes as if they were emeralds but a little bit lighter.

Something remarkable is the permanent happiness that angels exhibit. Everything is joy with them. One day they told me that they radiate perpetual happiness because they always give happiness.

Angels are always surrounded by white and majestic light. Also the angels were accompanied by a song as though a celestial choir was sounding in all corners of the universe- like the sound of millions of harps playing in unison, forming a harmonious symphony of great beauty.

The angelic vibrations are of such a degree that they calm the mind, the heart, and give peace. One knows, without knowing how, that this vibration is at the same time a prayer and also a praise to the Creator.  It is the celestial music that the soul has stopped hearing, but will begin to hear again when it returns to the Father-Mother’s house. It is a song that although forgotten is, in truth, forever loved by souls that love the Creator.

The ineffable beauty of the visions of angels and archangels, which cannot be fully expressed in words, leaves the soul submerged in an ecstasy of love and rapture. There is no joy or happiness on Earth that can compare with this sublime and  ecstatic vision.

Angelic intelligence is of such a degree that it surpasses all understanding of the world. Their thoughts occur at an indescribable speed, even faster than human thought. Their thoughts have no distortion of any kind- pure thought without contradiction. As a lightning bolt crosses the firmament, so quickly do angelic thoughts go through my mind.

I clearly perceive the difference between what I call human thoughts and thoughts that come from the Wisdom of Heaven, due to the way I experience them. Thoughts from Heaven feel like light and breath. They are full of certainty, can never be forgotten, and bring a great “amount” of truth in the blink of an eye. In an instant I understand the full meaning of each manifestation that comes to me.

Humility, prudence, and simplicity are central features of the angels. Their greatest joy is to serve, to serve God by being servants of all creation. They love human beings, animals, plants, stones, elements and every material and immaterial aspect of creation with a love and tenderness that, when experienced is capable of melting even the hardest heart.

While the beauty of angelic visions are indescribable, they are only a pale flash in comparison to the magnificence of Jesus and Mary. Nothing in the universe resembles what their hearts are. The heart of Jesus and Mary are eternal beauty, a beauty that cannot be named. They are God himself made man and woman. They are the joy of the angels and the veneration of creation. From them springs all harmony, greatness, and holiness.

The looks of Jesus and Mary melt the entire universe, such tenderness and love do they radiate. Their smiles are purity itself. In their presence the soul is entranced in an ecstasy of veneration and contemplation, leaving it speechless. The soul exhales a moan of joy that says something like Ah! For me personally, contemplating the looks and smiles of Jesus and Mary is Heaven.

I hope you can understand what I’m trying to say as I try to describe the indescribable. I only say what I see, hear, and experience. Heaven exists, God exists, and God is love. This is what it was given to me to see, hear, and understand.

I hope with all my heart that those who receive this manifestation let themselves be the beloved of God, more and more every day; and in this way be transformed by the beauty of a love that has no beginning or end

With love in Christ,

Sebastián Blaksley

A soul in love

Buenos Aires, Argentina

A Mystical Relationship - Clarifications by Sebastián Blaksley

I. Relative to Love

During the manifestations received, I was given to understand that the work would be composed of one hundred and forty-four sessions, which should be grouped into seven books. I was also informed of the titles of each of them, even before receiving their content. The titles will be, respectively, Echoes of Holiness, Let Yourself Be Loved, Homo-Christus Deo, Wisdom, The Holy Dwelling, The Divine Relationship, and The Way of Being. Each book will consist of twenty-one sessions, with the exception of the seventh which will have eighteen.

There is a numerical relationship whose explanation exceeds the purpose of these writings, but which was shown to me so that it can be understood that in divine creation there is harmony and order in everything. Nothing happens outside the harmonies of Heaven. This order is governed by love, which contains all perfection within itself.

Based on what I received, it is clearly understood that everything exists in relationship. Nothing but love is absolute. Relationship connects all with everything as well as with source. The relationship of the numbers of books, total sessions, and sessions per book within this work establishes a divine numerical relationship. The numbers themselves are symbols that carry a message from heaven.

II. Christ Incarnated

The one hundred and forty-four sessions are a living expression of “the Redeemed of the Lamb.” I was given to understand that this symbol represents the millions of people and beings that on this Earth, in these times, are here incarnating the Christ of God, creating a new Heaven and a new Earth by extending the love of Jesus and Mary, just as the resurrection of Christ has established it from all eternity. They are the preparers of the Second Coming. They are incarnated Christs. Christs are incarnating all over the world, in all religions, contexts, genders, ages, and realms.

With the word “realms” I mean that the incarnation of Christ is not something that only happens in human beings but in all the living kingdoms of the Earth. The Redeemed of the Lamb are not something exclusive to an institution or religious tradition. In fact, it is not related to forms of religion at all, but to spirituality. They are the ones who have consciously made the choice for love. That is why this work is named as it is.

The number of sessions in each book, twenty-one, represents and carries within itself a spiritual transformation, which has a rhythm and can only be created as an effect of love. It is also related to pure divine reality. It represents the way of being of the One who created life, who is three times holy, and seven times true.

The number of books, seven, brings the reality of wisdom, of pure thought. It refers the soul to the truth from which it emerges, the pure thought of God. These numerical relations are somewhat like a rhythm, the timing and silences of music. They allow the whole reach a beauty that can only be created in harmony.

III. Beyond Words

Since the thinking mind is incapable of absorbing the deep meanings of divine truth, it is impossible at the intellectual level to understand the purpose of the structure and content of the sessions and books of the complete work. However, the soul can recognize truth when it makes an appearance, despite the fact that it cannot be put into words. Thus both the content and the way in which these writings have been structured are part of the totality of this manifestation.

The tone, colour, and rhythm of the words of this work cause an effect on the heart that is open to receive them for what they are: a letter of love given from Heaven to grow in a greater knowledge of God’s love—a gift given with the very love with which it was received.

As you go through each book you can grow in the awareness of the direct relationship with Christ, your true self. In this sense, this work is a journey in which the soul goes hand in hand with love, a journey without distance that begins and ends in the Heart of God.

I hope that these words will lead you to love more, through the return to the first love that is God. Thus they will have fulfilled the purpose from which, for all eternity, they were conceived.


With love in Christ,

Sebastián Blaksley

Buenos Aires, February, 2021




These words will resonate in your soul. They are yours. Allow them to come alive in you. Let these words be immersed in the ocean that is your true heart. Remember nothing can hold you back. You are free, eternally free, forever unlimited. (Voice of Christ)