The 7 Books

Choose Only Love, Book 1, echoes of HolinessEchoes of Holiness
This first of seven volumes of Choose Only Love sounds an echo of holiness in the heart. The Beloved is calling. Upon hearing that echo, your soul recognizes the voice. It is a call to be in a divine embrace. Your soul begins to remember more vividly the voice of love, a call to return to a direct relationship with God. The soul will persist until union has been achieved. Nothing can stop a soul in love when the Beloved is heard calling once again.

Let Yourself Be Loved
Let yourself be carried on the wings of love. Surrendering to love is both necessary and beautiful. To let yourself be loved means to trust without reservation that love will do with you what you most long for. Your soul has already moved towards union with the heart of God. Now it recognizes that it was created to be loved and for nothing else. Therefore let love fill you fully and do what it knows how to do. Enjoy being carried on the shoulders of love.

Homo-Christus Deo

Human and divine meet in you. You are that sacred point. Your full realization of this will usher in the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Homo-Christus -Deo or Human-Christ-God is the new humanity. The God-Human is a holy reality. You are Man-Christ, a Woman-Christ, an embodiment of Love. As a Christ you are a living miracle of God’s love. Through you, will your brothers and sisters around the world find the peace of God and the joy of Truth.


The old world is based on the knowledge of good and evil. The new world is based on the wisdom of love. The wisdom of love is accessed directly from the Divine. To recognize the wisdom of love is to know who you truly are, not an “ideal” self but your true desires, your deepest feelings, your unique identity. This wisdom is known through the heart. No outer teacher is needed, for the heart knows what no one can know for you.

The Holy Dwelling

You are not what the world says you are. You are personified holiness. You are love incarnate. You are Christ. You are holy because God is holy and you are God’s beloved creation. The truth is that simple. When you choose only love, you are choosing to live the truth—accepting that divine love is your being, your true dwelling. Expressing this truth in your life allows you to live fully, joyfully. “The Holy Dwelling” takes the reader toward acceptance of this truth.

The Divine Relationship

A divine relationship is the embrace of humanity and divinity, a joining of the Supreme Source with your human nature. It is a giant step, a boldly daring relationship which stretches the mind beyond what can be seen, said, or heard, but which the heart knows. It is a union above all unions, yet it includes all unions. In a divine relationship the truth of your being becomes known as God created you.

The Way of Being

The way of being is the end of the spiritual search and the beginning of the active expression of our divine identity. Love is what we are and the source of fullness. Love cannot be taught, only recognized. The happy recognition of being love, and living from it, is the final goal of Choose Only Love and of every true spiritual path. God is love. We are love. Being love in expression is the truth that sets us free.

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