Spiritual accompaniment

It is with joy that we introduce “Journey of the Soul”, a spiritual accompaniment program that emerged from the heart as a result of our experience with “Choose Only Love.”

“Journey of the soul” is a path that is traveled hand in hand with the writings received by Sebastián Blaksley to facilitate the understanding of the choice for Love that your soul has already made, and that you are here to express that Truth.

We make the journey with you from the human heart:  A path from book 1 to 7 with the recipient of this work, Sebastian Blaksley.

​Our Pilgrims of Peace:  Rosa Riubo, Lorena Boggero, Sonia Sosa, and Cristina Moragas.

Peregrinos de la paz

Know more about “Journey of the Soul, a path of realization with Choose Only Love”

For a personal conversation about “Journey of the Soul”, please contact directly Sonia Sosa on Instagram Instagram - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre at soniasosa_pilgrimofpeace or by e-mail at sonia@fundacionamorvivo.org


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