Mother Mary is alive. Very much alive. She is the personification of the Divine Mother alive in you. And she is eager to support your awakening and the awakening of every being. She has carefully written one hundred love letters to you through a “pencil in the hand of God,” Sebastián Blaksley. These letters are to you, personally, as well as to all receptive souls. She is in love with you and is inviting you to enter a direct relationship with her, heart-to-heart.

Her letters are a feast of love and joy. They are reminders of the truth of who you are. The world would convince you that you are what you are not. But your Mother is saying that you are now in the perfect position to live in the truth—that you are the beauty of God’s love come true.

Why a hundred letters? Because we need a great deal of encouragement. She says: “Drop by drop my messages will pierce the stone, softening hearts hardened from the despair of the world. Each message will be like a drop of morning dew that descends from the sky and waters the Earth with love.
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