Divine Invitation

Invitation from the Voice of Christ (through a Choir of Angels)

” Soul in love, in love with Christ! Thank you for answering the call of love. Thank you for allowing us to dwell with you. We are one mind. We are one heart. We are one single self.

Today we have come from Heaven by the grace of the will of the Creator. We have come to give you a treasure of unimaginable grace. This gift reflects a thought of God and is part of the eternal design. From time immemorial this channel of grace that we give today has been safeguarded, out of love, until the perfect time to be given. That time has arrived.

This treasure, which we give you with all the love of  Heaven, is a practice, the devotion to the union of the three hearts.” consisting of prayers that may be said daily by those who simply enjoy such spiritual exercises. However, you can pray in other ways, even with silence or a simple thought as the mind indicates.

This devotion is universal. Everyone is invited to it regardless of their religious tradition. All the divinity of Christ in His love and light wraps the devout soul that practices this devotion. It is a bridge through which the human heart is deliberately united with the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus as inseparable concentric circles. It creates a new fabric by interweaving all human hearts with the Hearts of Mary and Jesus. This path of union creates a flow of grace. Residing in this union is how you remain in the presence of love.

In this way is a new Heaven and a new Earth created, literally bringing Heaven to Earth, creating a new reality based on perfect love; and a new life not only for the soul that follows the call of devotion to the union of the three hearts but for the whole world. It is a gift of grace for humanity in these times of preparation for the Second Coming of Christ.

Blessed are you who bring the living Christ to Earth. The angels surround you everywhere and the love of the Holy Spirit embraces you, spilling a flood of grace and blessings throughout the Earth.

Your lives will see the shift towards a new experience of universal love. Test it and see for yourself. It is God’s promise.”



The Second Coming is not a theatrical spectacle. It is not a cosmic revolution to report. The Second Coming is a term that expresses a fact pertaining to personal consciousness- that very much concerns you who receive these words. (Voice of Christ)