A quantum leap is occurring in the history of humankind. A leap of enormous proportions has already begun, is divinely ordained, is unstoppable, and is already being felt. It will hugely impact everyone, every human system, and all life on Earth. The changes will de-structure the old and reveal the new.

The Age of the Heart is a revelation from the voice of Christ received through Sebastián reminding us that creation—including ourselves—is making a journey from the forgetfulness of our true being to full awareness of the perfect love we are. It heralds nothing less than the birth of a New Heaven and a New Earth, an era based on Truth and Love. A great deal of undoing is already taking place, which puts into perspective the turmoil being experienced on so many levels. These troubles are but the birth pangs of a universal transmutation.

Every individual as well as all human affairs will be transformed as the age of reason, with its dominant intellect, is brought into right relationship with the heart. At its core, it’s all about a change of consciousness. Higher consciousness will usher in a humanity of unprecedented splendor—a living expression of love—personally, socially, and globally.


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