A Guided Journey into Choose Only Love

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A Guided Journey into Choose Only Love

Choose Only Love is newly received from Jesus and Mary. It is not “another Course.” For me it is more like being held in the lap of the Divine while having an intimate conversation with them. I’ve been led to offer this free online “Guided Journey,” co-facilitated by Bonnie Medel, beginning in October, one hour a week for one year. Together we will deepen our intimacy with our own Christ Selves. Although Choose Only Love is 7 volumes and 1300+ pages, we will be reading much less than that. Our Journey together will make it easily accessible—and as magnificent and powerful as ever from Jesus and Mary.

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With love on the Journey, Glenn Hovemann




It is with joy that we introduce “Journey of the Soul”, a program of spiritual accompaniment that emerged from the heart as a result of our experience with “Choose Only Love.”

​”Journey of the soul” is a path that is traveled hand in hand with the writings received by Sebastián Blaksley to facilitate the understanding of the choice for Love that your soul has already made, and that you are here to express that Truth.

We make the journey with you from the human heart:  A path from book 1 to 7 with the recipient of this work, Sebastian Blaksley.

​As Pilgrims of Peace:  Rosa Riubo, Lorena Boggero, Sonia Sosa, and Cristina Moragas.

Peregrinos de la paz

9-month journey of transformation from September to May

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For a personal conversation about “Journey of the Soul”, please contact directly Sonia Sosa on Instagram Instagram - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre at soniasosa_pilgrimofpeace or by e-mail at sonia@fundacionamorvivo.org


Healing Prayer – Monthly – First Saturdays from 3 to 3:30 pm Argentina Time

In-person at Refuge of Divine Love or by ZOOM (not recorded)

Clarification: The Ministry of “Prayer for Healing” requires personal presence, it is not filmed, recorded, or recorded in audiovisual media. Those who feel the need to be healed physically or spiritually should come to the Refuge of Divine Love personally. You are welcome to come accompanied. Naturally, if you cannot attend due to relevant reasons, such as health, distance, or work, you can send an e-mail requesting to be included in the Healing Prayer. Although it is not necessary, you can send photos or data of first and last name, as well as any other information that you feel the need to send. Requests are handled confidentially. Anyone is welcome to come to the in-person prayer, in the loving representation of whoever requests or feels the need for healing.

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ID Meeting – reunión: 856 7592 225


The Hour of Grace – Weekly – Every Wednesday at 2:30 pm Argentina Time

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 ZOOM Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87563527007?pwd=bE15bXVhWXpFdWtmd1hrUngvZnUvdz09 

Meeting ID: 875 6352 7007

Access code: 868111


Holy encounters (fortnightly)

Every first and third Tuesday from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm Argentina time

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ZOOM Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83244913337?pwd=azFMQktObjMvQUFOQVA1VEI2YzY4dz09

Meeting ID : 832 4491 3337

Access code: 163605


Note: Donations support this Movement of Love and all donations are received with gratitude. There is a suggested donation of £5 to £10 for The Hour of Grace and £15-£25 for The Holy Encounters, but all are welcome regardless of ability to contribute financially.


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