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Oct. 28 – Invitation from Patricia Pearce – The Age of the Heart 

Dear Friend,

I am delighted to invite you to an online book launch for The Age of the Heart: The Birth of a New Heaven and a New Earth, an uplifting message from Jesus recently received through Sebastián Blaksley. A quantum leap is occurring in the history of humankind, a movement from the Age of Reason to the Age of the Heart. Many of us sense this to be true. This leap is well underway, is divinely ordained, is unstoppable—and we are essential actors in this drama. The Age of the Heart explains how an enormous transformation that will hugely impact everyone and every social system is occurring both individually and globally. It explains the turmoil being experienced both personally and socially, which is but the birth pangs of a universal transmutation—the reflection of changing consciousness. It explains how elevated consciousness is ushering in an era of unprecedented splendor, the living expression of the love we really are. In our gathering, Patricia Pearce, from the Center for Contemporary Mysticism, will interview Sebastián about his experience of receiving this new teaching and its importance for our time, and there will be a time for participants to bring their own questions for Sebastian as well.

Date: Saturday, October 28thTime: 2PM Eastern Time

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The Age of the Heart is available from most book sellers, including (which supports independent bookstores), Barnes and Noble, and Amazon.

I hope you can join us!

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The Age of the Heart – Now available worldwide

Please, click here to learn more about The Age of the Heart, received by Sebastián Blaksley


We are pleased to present TheWay of Being,

A path of Healing through the Christ in you

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Healing Prayer – Monthly – First Saturdays from 3 to 3:30 pm Argentina Time

In-person at Refuge of Divine Love or by ZOOM (not recorded)

Clarification: The Ministry of “Prayer for Healing” requires personal presence, it is not filmed, recorded, or recorded in audiovisual media. Those who feel the need to be healed physically or spiritually should come to the Refuge of Divine Love personally. You are welcome to come accompanied. Naturally, if you cannot attend due to relevant reasons, such as health, distance, or work, you can send an e-mail requesting to be included in the Healing Prayer. Although it is not necessary, you can send photos or data of first and last name, as well as any other information that you feel the need to send. Requests are handled confidentially. Anyone is welcome to come to the in-person prayer, in the loving representation of whoever requests or feels the need for healing.


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The Hour of Grace – Weekly – Every Wednesday at 2:30 pm Argentina Time

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Holy encounters (fortnightly)

Every first and third Tuesday from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm Argentina time

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There will not be a Holy Encounter on October, Tuesday 31st. 2023


Note: Donations support this Movement of Love and all donations are received with gratitude. There is a suggested donation of £5 to £10 for The Hour of Grace and £15-£25 for The Holy Encounters, but all are welcome regardless of ability to contribute financially.


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