Seven Flowers of Holiness

The Voice of Christ
– i
n the presence of Archangels Raphael & Gabriel


My sons and daughters! You have no idea how much your life and the whole world changes when you decide to travel this new path of bringing love to the world. It is not a path to which you are sent alone without the means to accomplish. Rather this is a road filled with both celestial and human company.

You are the sweetness of God’s love made flesh.

You possess the seven flowers of the bouquet of holiness, the seven delights of love. Think of them often. Allow each one to colour your soul. You will begin to enjoy life much more. Rejoice that you have reached this part of the spiritual path, where we go out into the world to bring love through the extension of the delights of love.

Listen and follow these little teachings. You already know them. Let us observe together how the delights of God’s heart embellish not only the soul, but the whole world. To make them present in the world is to bring Heaven to Earth. Keep this in mind. Practice these for the joy of living in love:

Tenderness…only the strong can be sweet and express tenderness because sweetness and tenderness belong to the realm of love,
and love is the strength of God. To love is to become one with the power of God. Tenderness counteracts anger. No war can stand against it.

Purity…appeases and banishes the evil intentions that sometimes creep into the heart of the child of God. A pure heart is the greatest treasure in the universe.
Nothing is greater than purity because purity is Godliness.

Affability…enhances the world and embellishes the face, making the soul that practices it literally the face of love on Earth. Truth is always affable because it is always serene
for it does not doubt its power,
for it does not doubt what it is.

Sincerity…is the undivided reality of God. In God there is only truth and nothing but truth, which is the  same as wisdom. Wise is he who knows how to live in truth.

Integrity…is the truth about being, since in the creation of God there can be nothing that is not united in the integrity of being. Not being integral is something so alien to God that you cannot conceive of such an idea in the Kingdom of God. To be integral is to be, and to practice integrity is to live as the Christ you are.

Nobility of Spirit …is the way of God. This is always true since truth does not change. Love is always noble and has no duplicity of any kind. Nobility unmakes hypocrisy and lies, because nobility integrates within itself compassion and the other delights of God.

Compassion…We have left compassion a quality of the pure soul to the end. Compassion enables you to unite the outer world with your inner world. Compassion is what will make you able to integrate your human nature with God. Being a God-man/woman is what perfect compassion will give you as an effect of its extension. Learn from Jesus and Mary who have shown compassion to everyone and everything because they are meek and humble of heart.

Keep this simple reminder of the seven delights of God’s heart in mind,

  • tenderness
  • purity
  • affability
  • sincerity
  • integrity
  • nobility
  • compassion

and love them for what they are – treasures of holiness.

Sow your inner garden with the flowers of joy that will never wilt. Speak words of true hope. Tell happy stories.

 Cultivate the habit of being happy and sharing the wisdom of God.

Go through the world carrying love. You will not go alone.                                                       

You will be more God-like each day. And we assure you that whoever sees you will see Christ. In this way, you will be the living expression of the Second Coming.


(From chapters 14 & 15, Choose Only Love- Let Yourself Be Loved, Book II)