Archangels and angels play an essential role in the manifestations received by Sebastián Blaksley. Not only as a loving presence and divine messengers throughout the writing process, but as custodians and guarantors of the fulfillment of God’s plan in them.

How Choose Only Love Originated

A presence that was all love and whose magnificence, beauty, and benevolence cannot be described, came to me suddenly on October 3, 2018. With perfect clarity I understood that it was the glorious Archangel Raphael who introduced himself saying, “I am the medicine of God.” Because I am Catholic, he told me to pray a novena, nine days of traditional Catholic prayers. Through inner inspiration he also dictated certain intentions for me to pray.

The day after finishing this novena of prayer, I had my first glorious visit from a choir of countless angels of God accompanied by Archangel Raphael and Archangel Gabriel. Their love and beauty were indescribable and through them came the ineffable Voice of Christ. The voice also showed itself in symbols visible to the spirit. I expressed their meaning in written words, as well as recordings of my voice.

Each subsequent visitation was similar. First I would receive the images and hear the music of the angelic choir, then the chorus departed with Archangels Raphael and Gabriel remaining as custodians, or loving presences, until the message or session was transcribed.

The glorious Archangel Raphael guides me in the transcription, assuring that the message is properly received and passed from image to word. Archangel Gabriel is the loving custodian of everything that concerns this work; the manifestation itself, and the writings, and everything that arises and will arise from them.

The messages are shown as a picture of great beauty in which each form (which has no form) is in itself a voice, a “sound-image.” I hear something like the rhythmical twanging of a harp, a vibration of celestial music whose frequency is unlike the sounds of the world. It is a kind of “vibration-frequency” that the soul knows and that I recognize as the voice of the Lamb of God. The angels bring, beyond singing, the voice of Christ. It is as if they were a vessel in which the voice of Christ is carried. The voice of Christ is pure thought. It is Christ in abstract pure consciousness.

Each session contains a message that arrives in a nanosecond, in symbols. I then transcribe the meaning of the symbols into writing, in Spanish. Once everything is transcribed in written and spoken words, the chorus then arrives again in all its glory, as if the angels are coming to seek the most holy Archangels Raphael and Gabriel. All together they retire, singing a hosanna to God.

That hosanna of the choir of angels is a majestic song of praise and gratitude to the Creator for the infinite mystery of love that is the Second Coming of Christ. It is a prelude to his coming. If humankind were able to understand in all its magnitude the ineffable mystery of love that is the second coming of Christ, we would eternally sing the mercies of God in union with all the angels.

In cases where Mother Mary herself or Jesus Christ are present in their human and divine persons and communicate directly, the choir of angels is sacredly silenced with love. Pure expectation surrounds their blessed presences. The angels bow their heads and are caught up in an ecstasy of love, veneration, and contemplation. Nothing interrupts the holy silence in which the universe is submerged before the sovereign presence of Mary and Jesus as they speak directly to our souls. That space of dialogue between Christ and the soul is inviolable—the sacred temple of the intimacy of the soul with God.

During the visitations my whole being is bathed in great peace and joy, as if being embraced by universal love. But after the concentration required to put the message into words, the body shows great fatigue, it being difficult for it to sustain the energy I receive. The chorus of angels, the voice, and the images are something that can happen at any time, place, or circumstance. However, the transcription of the messages received and spoken can be delayed until I can make myself available to do so. It may be immediately afterwards or several days later.

Many times I do not know the meaning of the words I receive. In fact I am learning new words. When that happens, I go to a dictionary or Internet to see whether the word exists, and if so, what is the right meaning. I always find that is a perfect word or expression, given the context in which it appears. This happens in both Spanish and English. (I receive initially in my native Spanish, and then I do not translate to English but “receive again” in that language with which I am familiar. The English, however, is then edited.) In fact, if you read Choose Only Love in Spanish you can clearly see that this is not my common and usual way of speaking. 

The main message of this work is that the time for a new humanity has arrived. Humanity is ready to manifest the living Christ in each of us. We are, each of us, Christ. This is the truth, even if we perceive ourselves differently. We are now prepared to live life in this certainty: “I no longer live but Christ lives in me.” Helping us to realize this truth in our lives, here and now, is the aim of this manifestation. All of Heaven will help us in this holy purpose, since it is the Second Coming itself.

A Description of the Manifestations (from the Choose Only Love series)

The Archangels come without wings, like humans wearing tunics. Raphael’s tunic is green edged with gold. Gabriel´s is pink, almost white, edged with yellow. Both tunics are majestic, appearing as if made of a precious silk.

Their faces are cheerful, radiant, with very light yellowish skin. Both have shoulder-length, golden hair and green eyes. They each have unique facial features and their bodies are radiant with serenely glowing light that generates peace and a great sense of beauty and harmony.

Many of the angels in the Choir of Angels have light pink and light blue tunics. Some others have light gold, all clothed in pastels, with the same serene luminosity. A few have light emerald green robes.

The permanent happiness that angels exhibit is remarkable. Everything is joy with them. One day they told me that they are perpetually happy because they always give happiness.

The angels are always surrounded by white and majestic light, as if they live in an eternal midday of love. Also the angels are accompanied by a song as though a celestial choir was sounding in all corners of the universe, like a million harps playing in unison, forming a harmonious symphony of great beauty.

The angelic vibrations calm the mind and heart, and give peace. One knows, without knowing how, that this vibration is simultaneously prayer and praise. Each part of creation sings a song of gratitude for having been called into existence, as if each part has music inside that is a prayer to the Creator. The soul has stopped hearing this celestial music, but will begin to hear again when it returns to the Father’s house. Although forgotten, this song is forever loved by souls who love the Father and Creator.

The ineffable beauty of the visions of the angels and archangels, which cannot be fully expressed in words, leaves the soul submerged in an ecstasy of love and rapture in which one’s whole being participates. There is no joy or happiness on Earth that can compare with the ecstasy that a vision of the greatness, magnanimity, and beauty of the angels and archangels generates.

Angelic intelligence is of such a degree that it surpasses all understanding of the world. Their thoughts occur at an indescribable speed, faster than human thought. Their thoughts are pure without contradiction or distortion of any kind. They are perfect charity and express only a quality of holiness. As a lightning bolt crosses the firmament, so quickly do angelic thoughts pass through my mind.

I clearly perceive the difference between human thoughts and thoughts that come from the Wisdom of Heaven due to how I experience them. Thoughts from Heaven feel like light and breath. They are full of certainty, can never be forgotten, and bring a great “amount” of truth in the blink of an eye. In an instant I understand the full meaning of each message that is given.

Humility, prudence, and simplicity are central qualities of the angels. Their greatest joy is to serve God by serving all creation. They love human beings, animals, plants, stones, elements, and every material and immaterial aspect of creation with a love and tenderness that, when experienced, is capable of melting even the hardest heart.

While the beauty and magnanimity of the angelic visions are indescribable, they are only a pale flash in comparison to the magnificence of Jesus and Mary. The hearts of Jesus and Mary are eternal beauty, a beauty that cannot be named and that nothing in the universe resembles. They are God himself made man and woman, the joy of the angels and the veneration of creation. From them springs all harmony, greatness, and holiness.

The looks of Jesus and Mary melt the entire universe, such tenderness and love do they radiate. Their smiles are purity itself. In their presence the soul is entranced in an ecstasy of veneration and contemplation leaving it speechless. The soul exhales a moan of joy that says something like Ah! For me personally, contemplating the looks and smiles of Jesus and Mary is Heaven.

I humbly attempt to describe the indescribable, and only say what I see, hear, and experience. Heaven exists, God exists, and God is love. This is what was given to me to see, hear, and understand.

I hope with all my heart that those who receive this manifestation let themselves be the beloved of God, more and more every day, and in this way be transformed by the beauty of a love that has no beginning or end.

With love in Christ,

Sebastian Blaksley,

A soul in love

Buenos Aires, Argentina

January, 2019

How This Work Originated (The Age of the Heart)

On October 3, 2021, a week after having completed the reception and transcription of a trilogy of works to be published under the title Truly Beloved, while in silent prayer a choir of countless angels from Heaven presented themselves to me. From their hearts emerged a hymn of praise and gratitude to the Love of Loves for having called us into existence. Before their arrival, my soul was submerged in a deep peace, a stillness that surrounds everything in holiness, happiness, and purity, a state of indescribable joy. The senses of the body were silenced, and a kind of serene and harmonious “whistling” was received by my physical ears and felt throughout my body.

A sensation of being caressed by a soft, dancing breeze covered my entire face. All this and other things full of beauty and purity happen suddenly as a prelude to the coming of such manifestations so that my humanity prepares to receive what Heaven is about to reveal. My soul knows, in a way that cannot be put into words, that the song of ineffable beauty that the angels sing and express from their hearts, is constantly being sung in creation. It is a response to the Divine Mother for having been called into existence, for having been given life. It is an eternal hosanna that filiation sings to the Creator of all that is beautiful, holy, and perfect; to the one who is beyond all names, words and symbols. Within that heavenly song of indescribable beauty is the voice of Christ—that is, pure thought.

In each visit, images, music, and symbolic visions show me what constitutes the message of the moment, which is later transcribed into written words. Once the images and symbols are given, Jesus of Nazareth, the incarnated Christ, comes in all his glory, humanity, and divinity. It is he who dictated the words that make up the chapters of this work, and instructed me in the knowledge of them. By the word “dictation,” I must explain the

Without any volition on my part except for my willingness, I begin to listen with the ears of my spirit to the song that always precedes these visions or revelations. It is a wordless song that I experience as the music of the soul, a song long forgotten, but now remembered. Listening to those heavenly notes, my humanity is submerged in incomparable joy and wrapped in a peace without compare. My soul and my body are embraced in the love of Christ. Everything is joy, perpetual serenity, purity, and ineffable beatitude. My being remains captivated in ecstasy which I wish will never leave.

Simultaneously, what the will of God provides is shown to me in my consciousness like a clear, sharp movie or vision. It is given to me to see the creative processes of God, how time was born in unity with space, and how matter would remain contained within time and space and subject to them. I have seen how the three dimensions of material reality, time-spacematter, are an expression of the mind that has limited itself. All three are within the separated mind and not the other way around. They are an extension of it.

I have also been shown how universal consciousness is walking towards the heart of God. These things were revealed to me and constitute the content of this work. There are others matters that, although made known to me, are not part of these writings due to the disposition of the voice that speaks in favor of the truth and lives eternally in my being.

Each one of the visions or “movies” that I was given to see became a chapter of this work. After seeing what the Spirit of wisdom wants me to remember and see, then the voice of Christ, in the most holy presence of Jesus, who is also sometimes present with Mary, explains to me the meaning of the vision. Then he dictates to me the meaning that should be written.

This “dictation” is accomplished without words. It is an infused knowledge transmitted from the mind of Christ to mine, and from the heart of love to the center of my spirit. In that flow of wisdom, from the source of beautiful knowledge to my being, everything that needs to be known is perfectly known. The words that give expression to this work emerge by themselves; I put no thought into them. The thinking mind does not create the words, the syntaxes, or the idiomatic structures. The words simply flow because of the union between the source of beautiful knowledge and the living expression of my humanity, which becomes a pen in the hand of love.

At other times, dictations are given to me in the form of Pure thought, that is, without any visible presence, although audible and sensitive—Christ in his pure incorporeal essence.

There is a message in the fact that dictations are carried out in the presence of both Jesus and Mary, as well as in the pure abstraction of the voice of Christ. The method of the message itself shows how we are in the time of union—the union of the feminine and the masculine, of the divine and the human, of the corporal and the spiritual. In short, it is a demonstration within time of the return to the unity of being, that is, of the transcendence of dualistic polarities. All this is a prelude to the time of the fullness of love, in which Heaven and Earth will recognize and see each other as one, just as they always have been and forever will be.

What is meant by all this is that from these times the Voice of God will continue to speak to humanity as much as is necessary, but will no longer do so in separate forms but through symbols of unity, until the symbols cease to be necessary and His sweet voice is heard without interruption in the wordless language of love, the language of pure souls, the language of being. In the visions I was shown the story of creation, the evolution of consciousness, and the fate of all things. The origin of time, the path of souls, and the history of humanity were also revealed to me as part of the expression of universal consciousness.

I have been given to understand that the knowledge that was revealed to me in this manifestation exists in everyone, since it is part of our shared reality. For this reason, I believe that the most accurate word to describe these messages would not be “revelations” but “remembrances.” This work is an expression of universal mind, which testifies to the fact that we are remembering, individually and collectively, where we came from, where we are, and where we are going. In other words, remembering the truth that we have come to remember—the truth of who we are.

With love in Christ,
Sebastián Blaksley
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Editor’s Note: God has no gender but languages do. The reader will note that the Deity is referred to in this work sometimes as masculine, sometimes as feminine, and sometimes as “Mother- Father God.” The intent is to reflect the universality of the Divine while staying within the conventions of the English language to which most readers are accustomed.