Monthly Healing Prayer

Healing Prayer

Jesus asked Sebastian Blaksley, in February 2022, to institute the Healing Prayer. This involves praying at the Refuge of Divine Love, on the first Saturday of each month, at three in the afternoon, a particular prayer. That prayer called the “Chaplet of Divine Mercy” is referred to in page 54, chapter 6 of “Choose Only Love- Echoes of Holiness’. And the full prayer is found at page 184 of the book.

In response to Jesus’ request,​ beginning on the first Saturday of March 2022, the Healing service will be offered by reciting this holy prayer for all those who feel the need to heal physically or spiritually. Christ is the source of miracles, therefore it will be His divine love that gives them through this vehicle of Grace.

​Jesus said to Sebastian Blaksley: Through the Healing Prayer, I will give unimaginable graces, I will gift miracles for the body and the soul. Whoever participates in it will receive in holiness more than what his or her mind and heart are capable of conceiving. I want by this means to heal the entire humanity.”

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