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New schedule for The Hour of Grace and Holy Encounters


We are pleased to announce that Choose Only Love, Book V “The Holy Dwelling” is now published

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Now it is possible to explore within the text of Choose Only Love

Discover CHOL is a powerful online tool with which to discover occurrences of words and phrases in the context of their appearance within the text of Choose Only Love, yielding deeper and fuller meaning to your reading and understanding of the messages received by Sebastián Blaksley, and given to the entire world.

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Useful Information to Join Choose Only Love Events


Important: Please find the information to access by ZOOM to the following encounters

The Hour of Grace: Every Wednesday at 6:30 pm UK Time

Living as the Love that we truly are: Biweekly Holy Encounters, every second and fourth Wednesday at 7:45 PM UK Time, for 1 hour

Access information: Contact us or send an email to

Note: Donations support this Movement of Love and all donations are received with gratitude. There is a suggested donation of £5 to £10 for The Hour of Grace and £15-£25 for The Holy Encounters, but all are welcome regardless of ability to contribute financially. Here is a link  donation page Donate

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United through these dialogues we have opened a new portal between Heaven and Earth. It means you have taken a quantum leap in consciousness, both as individuals and humanity. From now on you will be much more aware that you are one with love. (Jesus)